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Nasal & Sinus Center of Austin
Nasal & Sinus Center of Austin

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is a safe and effective procedure for those uncomfortable and painful sinusitis symptoms that aren't responding to medicines. Not only were the doctors at the Nasal & Sinus Center of Austin some of the first in the world to use balloon sinuplasty, they were also involved with the early design of this technology and have taught the technique to other physicians.

Balloon sinuplasty permanently alleviates persistent sinus problems. It can be performed in the office so that you may return to work or school the same day. Watch the video to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sinusitis?

Sinuses are air-filled pockets located in the bones behind your forehead, cheeks, nose, and eyes. They may become inflamed following a cold, upper respiratory infection, or allergic reaction and can be permanently blocked. 

Environmental irritants, certain medical conditions, and structural abnormalities, such as a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, or nasal polyps, can also contribute to sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis is inflammation that lasts three months or more.

When the sinuses become inflamed, mucus cannot drain through the sinus openings and builds up within the sinuses, which can lead to infection.

Symptoms of sinusitis can include:

  • Pressure and pain in the head and face
  • Nasal congestion
  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of taste and smell

For some people, over-the-counter medications may help relieve symptoms, while others may need antibiotics to treat specific types of infection. However, many who suffer from chronic sinusitis do not get relief from medications. If medication does not relieve your sinusitis symptoms, you may be a candidate for balloon sinuplasty.

What is balloon sinuplasty?

Approved by the FDA in 2005, balloon sinuplasty is an outpatient procedure that is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery, and it is effective at relieving symptoms of chronic or recurrent sinusitis.

Balloon sinuplasty can be combined with a minimally invasive turbinate reduction to also improve breathing and reduce allergy symptoms. Patients heal quickly, return to normal activities within two or three days, and enjoy long-lasting relief. Best of all, you can avoid the costly hospital and anesthesia expenses and longer recovery times associated with traditional sinus surgery.

Since 2005, more than 330,000 patients have been treated safely with the procedure and 95% of those who have had the procedure say they would have it again. Watch the video above to see how the technology works.

How is balloon sinuplasty performed?

Our doctors use this technique to open inflamed sinuses in the same way that heart surgeons open up blocked arteries during balloon angioplasty. On average, the procedure takes less than an hour to perform.

Using an endoscope and tiny light to help guide your doctor, he will first place a small, flexible balloon catheter into the inflamed sinus. Next, the balloon is inflated to expand the sinus opening. Your doctor will then spray saline into the inflamed sinus to flush out the pus and mucus that has built up inside. Finally, the balloon is removed, leaving the sinuses open and allowing the return of normal sinus drainage and relief of sinus pressure.

What are the benefits of balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is an outpatient procedure. It may be performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center, or it may be done in the doctor’s office with local anesthesia or twilight sedation given by an anesthesiologist.

The procedure is minimally invasive and does not involve the cutting or removal of bone and tissue, as in traditional sinus surgery. Because there is no surgical trauma to the sinus, there is minimal bleeding, less pain, and quicker recovery time. Most patients return to their normal activities immediately and are fully healed within four weeks. The results and symptom relief are long term.

If you suffer from chronic or recurrent sinusitis and think you might be a candidate for balloon sinuplasty, call the Nasal & Sinus Center in Austin, Texas at (512) 339-4040 or in Lakeway at (512) 682-4798, or you can request an appointment online.